Introducing Mattress Doctor’s Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Announcing our brand new customer loyalty program!

As a member you will receive:

  • Join our rewards program and get 300 points ($3)
  • Get 10 points for each dollar (USD) spent in our shop.
  • Get 2 times as many points on your second purchase in an interval of 120 days
  • Get 3 times as many points when you spend more than $1000 in our shop
  • Get $5 for you & a friend when you refer someone
  • Earn 300 points ($3) for liking our Facebook page, and more!
  • Get 500 points ($5) for the New Year!
  • Write a product review and get 300 points (3)
  • Follow us on Twitter and get 100 points ($1)
  • Stay with us until your next birthday and get 500 points ($5)

πŸ† 100 Points = $1.00


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