How Mattresses Could Help Solve World Hunger

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BBC reports that Syrian refugees living in Jordan camp Zaatari are hard at work with University of Sheffield scientists & the UN Refugee Agency to create a method to grow healthy, fresh foods with just water and old mattress foam!

These ‘recycled gardens’ use the mattresses in place of the soil, which solves two problems in one: It reuses the mountain of plastic mattresses that have piled up in the camp and it allows everyone to grow fresh food in a crowded, desert environment.

Victoria Gill has been to the camp in Jordan to see how it’s working.



  • Video was filmed & edited by Stephen Fildes, production by Vanessa Clarke, published by BBC news.


Read the entire storyhttps://brightvibes.com/1626/en/how-old-mattresses-could-help-solve-world-hunger

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