Travel Neck Pillow Zoned Dough® Lavender

$90.00 $40.00

  • Patented Zoned Dough® memory foam design
  • Infused with real Lavender oils
  • Perfect for use when traveling; car & plane rides
  • Dough® memory foam which is supportive and soft

$90.00 $40.00

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The Zoned Dough memory foam neck travel pillow features a combination of a supportive, yet soft design, creating a very relaxing and restful traveling experience. This model is designed wit a plush, curve conforming dough memory foam which is lavender oil infused, making for a relaxing and cozy experience. Lavender has long been used as a natural way to promote relaxation and deep sleep. Zoned Technology design improves comfort and breathability. Featuring a gorgeous soft Tencel™ mesh covering which helps regulate temperatures, with an environmentally friendly fabric.

  • Designed with paten tented Zoned Dough® memory foam
  • Perfect for traveling, whether it’s in a car, plane, or other
  • Dough® memory foam is soft and supportive
  • Infused with real lavender oil for a natural aromatherapy experience
  • Lavender is known to promote a calming and relaxation
  • Features an ergonomic design which is supportive of your body’s natural curvatures in the neck, shoulder, and head areas
  • Designed with breathable Tencel™ mesh cover provides superior temperature & moisture and regulating
  • Makes a great gift for loved ones
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Travel Neck Pillow Zoned Dough® Lavender
Travel Neck Pillow Zoned Dough® Lavender

$90.00 $40.00

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