6.5" Foam Mattress

6.5" CQ Foam Mattress

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The 6.5" all foam mattress is one of our long time best selling mattresses, for a number of reasons.

Of these reasons, the most important are this model has an excellent price point.

  • Finding a mattress of this level of quality and brand new, in Lafayette is near impossible.

  • Customers purchase this mattress mostly; with the intention of using it for a guest bedroom, kids rooms/bunk beds, and even to use with a memory foam topper.



  • Extremely cost friendly, does not contain an innerspring unit, lightweight, adjustable friendly, and can be beneficial for those with back/body ache issues.


  • 6.5" isn't the thickest and those who weigh over 200+ lbs, are more prone to creating dips & impressions.

Ideal for:

  • Children, mattresses not slept on everyday, those who have no other options, use as a base for a memory foam topper, and beds not slept on everyday (such as a camp/guest room).

Manufacturer Warranty:

  • Covered by a 30 days manufacturer's warranty.

In House Warranty:

  • Bring the mattress home and leave it inside the original manufacturer's plastic. Take 3-4 days to sleep on and test the product. If at any time, you decide this model isn't right for you, go ahead and bring it back & we will switch you to another mattress.

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