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Mattress Doctor is your Family Discount Mattress SUPER Store that FOCUSES on Quality, Value, & MOST Affordable Priced NEW Mattresses!

Our philosophy is to ensure you can afford and get the best nights sleep possible, for your dollar.

 Lafayette, Louisiana Mattress Store

We've been told that Mattress Doctor is a special and personal shopping experience, as it's family owned by brothers Stew & Mike.

If you've visited us, you already met at least 1 of the 3 employees. By keeping our business small & in the family, we provide a higher level of service & consistency. Compare our store to competitors using either hourly wage workers (who don't care about you) or commission based salesmen (who only care about the bottom line), and you'll find our touch is better!

Mattress Doctor offers a combination of both by having hourly commissioned team members. Our motto is customer needs centric, if a salesmen was caught selling a mattress at a higher price to a customer who didn't have any business owning, that person would be fired on the spot.
Cajun Lafayette LA Native Furniture and Mattress Salesmen Store

Our family was born & raised right here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we're proud we are from Acadiana. Over 90% of the furniture & mattress stores in this city are NOT locals! Outsiders don't care about the residents who live (and SLEEP!) here. No cooperate headquarters or franchise royalties to pay. ZERO middle men.



Mattress Doctor is proudly owned/operated by brothers, Stew and Mike Segura (proud Lafayette locals), where we provide the HIGHEST Value per dollar. We sincerely care about customers & how well their sleep is. We're NOT the typical mattress & furniture store, you WILL be treated like family.


Meet the Team:

Mattress Mike Segura
Stewart 'Stew' Segura

Cameron 'Trouble Cam' Milligan 


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How are our prices so low compared to other stores?

Chances are you may have visited a few of these stores and were already wondering this question yourself. The simple answer is by keeping the cost of business operations and marketing extremely low, we can pass the savings onto you. We do a number of things, to keep the costs down, that aren't possible if you are a franchise owned business. Over 90% of the mattress stores in Lafayette, are NOT locally owned, we support locally owned businesses and have a local Lafayette area business card directory on our website. Let us know if you would like to be listed.

We do not advertise on the radio, television, and you won't see our faces on billboards. Our products and prices are so good, that word of mouth is one of our biggest assets.


Why Visit Us?

First, we will treat you like a person & not a number. I'd rather you find the RIGHT mattress elsewhere, than have you suffer for YEARS buying the wrong bed. For those stuggling with selecting a bed, take a mattress quiz to determine which is ideal for you. Second, I have the best prices around on quality mattresses with full factory warranties. Third, we are locally owned & that means money goes directly back into the local economy. Amazon.com will NOT sponsor your kids soccer team. Stop by when your ready & we will treat you like family.

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201 East Angus Drive, Youngsville, LA 70592
  • Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
  • Saturday 10am-3pm

Phone: (337) 761-6323 - Answered 24 hours everyday!

Email: info@mattresseslafayette.com

Contact Us: https://www.mattresseslafayette.com/pages/contact

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