Mattress Doctor Lafayette is hosting it's 4th rescue adoption day/weekend fundraiser event.
Can I count on you to help?
* We need sponsors & aid from anyone with the willingness to share a post or any activity that could save lives!
What's different about this event?
*** Event will run concurrently with the "Badass SEO Guest Blogging Contest" event hosted by Mattress Mike Segura & in memory of 'H-Town SEO' Gerald Weber who was beloved by the internet marketing professionals community. Several years ago, Gerald passed away at the age of 45, leaving behind a 3 year old son & wife.
What does a blogging contest have to do with an animal adoption and fundraiser event?
The blogging event will feature industry leading authors, bloggers, SEO consultants, social marketing experts, and influencers from all over the world.
Luckily, the event is hosted by our very own Whitney 'Mattress Mike' Segura, who conceived & organized this entire thing. Mattress Mike is inviting local internet marketing companies to send their best copywriters and content, to guage local marketing & advertising skill levels of various companies & freelancers. In fact, he is calling out these companies to show the world how good they are.
For the longest time, it sincerely bothered him to watch small business owners who know nothing, get taken advantage of and pay thousands of dollars for the company to actually be doing tactics that cause negative results. Years of thinking on the problem went by, and this is what he came up with.
Announcement: This years event will no longer be excluded to just search engine optimization & marketing, you are now free to write about any topic related to internet marketing, online businesses, and how brick & mortar stores use the internet to fuel their business model.
Anyone with a question about a topic being accepted or not, can email for clarification.
Sponsorship Opportunities:
  1. One open position for a local to cater the event.
  2. One open position for a local to groom dogs for free the day of, from 10am-3pm.
  3. One position open for a local lawn mowing & landscaping company to aid in preparing the grounds for the event.
  4. One position open for a local marketing company to help promote the event.
  5. Opportunities open for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum event sponsors.
Why become a sponsor?

Exposure. Brand awareness. Local SEO rankings & lasting quality back links. Each sponsor will receive a minimum of 2 reviews on Google & Facebook.

Prize Distribution:
Total Prize Pool Estimation: $2,000
1st - 25% of pool
  • 2 year subscription to
  • If local to Louisiana, listing in Acadiana Business Listings
2nd - 15% of pool
  • 1 year subscription to
  • If local to Louisiana, listing in Acadiana Business Listings
3rd - 10% of pool
  • 6 Month Subscription to
  • If local to Louisiana, listing in Acadiana Business Listings
Charity Allocation:
  1. 20% to three local charities to south Louisiana (split between 3 charities).
  2. 30% to the surviving family of Gerald Weber, particularly his son.
  3. 50% to the top 3 contestants.
How does it work?
Each day a new blog post will be published on the authors homepage or publishers may publish to or
  • Do not republish the content to your website for at least 1 week.
  • Content must be at least 700 words, excluding the author byline.
  • Get as many social media votes and visitors as possible, as this is one of the main scoring factors.
  • Content is to be judged upon quality of article intent & did it reach the level of understanding easily, more difficulty, or was it impossible to understand (from a beginner & expert POV)
  • How important is the topic to making money?
  • How old is this information? Is it timeless? Will it expire? Has the knowledge / resource already expired?

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