The Isolus is 2.5" comfort layers of cutting edge gel-infused memory foam, this mattress topper gives superior cooling & pressure relief benefits.

Features a unique pin-core design, the gel infused memory foam is ventilated which adds to increased air flow and regulated sleeping temperatures. The soft, supportive consistency of the memory foam quickly conforms to the body, cushioning hips and shoulders. Protecting the topper is a super-soft, removable rayon from bamboo cover ensuring a cooler sleep temperature.


  • High quality cutting edge gel-infused cooling technology.
  • Features a ventilated design for added airflow.
  • Provides added conforming support with cooling gel properties.
  • 2.5" thick gel-infused memory foam offers superior temperature regulation & cooling.
  • Added ventilation increased the air flow and in turn regulates sleeping temperatures.
  • Soft, supportive consistency quickly conforms to the body.
  • Made with an extra soft, removable covering made out of bamboo.

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