Best Mattress for Back Pain

What’s the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Dec 11, 2020

Stewart Segura

It’s a busy life and you don’t have time to let up. Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest causes of lower productivity. Resting and recharging is what you need and that means getting the right amount of sleep. That’s more easily done if you have a good mattress that caters to your personal way of sleeping.

Back sleepers have specific needs for sleeping, just as side sleepers and stomach sleepers need a different type of mattress to give them the comfort and rest that they need.


Best Mattress for Insomnia and Back Pain

How do you select the right mattress for a back sleeper?

Most people think that sleeping on your back is the best way to go. The reason—as healthcare providers tell us, is that back sleeping keeps the spine neutral and may help to prevent back pain.

That said, back sleepers seem to be in the minority. There are just about ten percent of Americans who say this is their favorite way to sleep or that they sleep on their back regularly.


If you have chronic back pain or you’d like to learn to sleep on your back to prevent it, finding the right mattress is the key to ensuring that you can sleep comfortably on your back.

The goal for any sleep position is to make sure that the spine is aligned well and not much pressure is on the pressure points.

  • The people who do sleep on their back have an advantage already so far as preventing pain in that people who sleep on their back do have a couple of advantages.
  • They don’t seem to get the same level of pressure on the body that the side sleeper gets and they can rest better.
  • The back sleeper has a natural advantage in that lying on your back allows your body to adopt a neutral sleeping position.


That doesn’t mean that you can pretend that the right bed doesn’t matter. It absolutely does.

What is the best bed for a back sleeper?

What is the best bed for a back sleeper?

Since you can sleep comfortably on a wide range of surfaces, the back sleeper can user latex, memory foam, or even innerspring. That aside, even the back sleeper has some different kinds of demands that need to be met so that their rest is comfortable.

  • One of the biggest considerations will be the firmness of the mattress.
  • Back sleepers need a slightly firmer mattress and the back sleeper who has back pain will have completely unique requirements for a mattress.


Even the back sleeper who has so many different types of mattresses they can use will need to be careful and consider what it is that makes them feel more comfortable.

“When it’s too soft, it doesn’t provide enough support, which causes you to sink into the bed,” says Michael Breus, PhD, a Los Angeles sleep disorder specialist and author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health.


While you need a little more firmness, you do need to be careful not to choose something too firm.

According to the experts, the best mattress for the back sleeper is going to offer a good balance of comfort and good support but enough given to allow you to sink into the mattress and not have hard pressure points.

Durability is imperative too. The mattress that has a lifespan that is shorter will sag faster and then begin to let you down and you will notice that you are having pain and so on. Make sure that you evaluate warranties and get a mattress that is going to last longer, has some ,measure of firmness and is not too hard to keep you from sleeping well.



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