12 Tips on Buying a New Mattress for Spine Health

12 Tips on Buying a New Mattress for Spine Health

Dec 25, 2020

Stewart Segura

Spine Health does an excellent job of providing a complete guide to buying a new mattress that’s ideal for good spinal health.

The vast majority of people, have no idea what mattress is actually the best for their body and sleeping preferences.

  • Each position you sleep in, requires a specific support system which maintains proper spinal alignment.
  • When you sleep on a bed not suited for your sleeping position, your neck & spine will go out of alignment and can cause aches, pain, and discomfort.


Mattress Doctor encourages anyone looking to purchase a new bed, to read this article completely to better understand & decide on the right mattress for them.

Read the full article here:


Dr Michelle Carr


Dr. Michelle Carr of Carr Chiropractic Clinic is Mattress Doctor’s officially recommended specialist for an official body health mattress recommendation.

Her services work wonders for back, neck, foot, & other muscle pains. Our opinion is her lifestyle recommendations & treatment plans have the best chances of faster recovery, lessening pain, and total recovery, than anyone in Lafayette parish, LA and Acadiana.

Read more about her services at her website:

Disclosure: Mattress Doctor Lafayette and it’s employees are not doctors, our advice & recommendations are purely based off of observations & experience helping others find relieve. Dr. Carr is a licensed physician.


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